The Third International Symposium on Citrus Biotechnology

Nov 11 - 14, 2014 Shizuoka (Japan)


Program and timetable, presentation schedule [PDF]

Instruction for oral and poster presentation [PDF]

Registration on Wednesday, November 11

On site registration will start at 9:30 10:00 am on the second floor of Marinart

Scientific program

Oral presentations are scheduled for following four sessions from 11 (Tue) to 13 (Thu)November:

  • Oral session 1: Breeding, Genomics and Genetics: NGS, genome level analysis, gene identification, high-throughput genotyping, QTL, mapping, MAS, GWAS, genomic selection, mutation analysis
  • Oral session 2:Physiology and Production: Molecular biology of fruit or tree physiology, stress, flowering, nutrient, photosynthesis, transformation technique, productivity
  • Oral session 3: Omics, Applications and Emerging Technologies: transcriptome, metabolomics, phenomics, functional compound and its action, biomarkers, flavor, Fruit storage, processing, quality management, tissue culture, cultivar identification, RNAi technology, GMO, NBT
  • Oral session 4: Stress, Pests and Diseases: Stress responces, detection and management of major pests and diseases, HLB, citrus canker, approaches to enhance resistancy

Poster presentation is scheduled in 12 (Wed) for odd number presentation, and 13 (Thu) for even number presentation.

Please confirm the schedule of your oral presentation or No. of your poster presentation on the timetable.

Plenary talk

We invited three excellent speakers to the plenary lectures.

  • The Battle Against Huanglongbing: Genetic Strategies and Genomic Weapons

Dr. Fred G. Gmitter, Jr.

(University of Florida)



  • Does β-Cryptoxanthin Prevent Lifestyle-related Diseases?
    - Findings From The Recent Nutritional Epidemiologic Survey -

Dr. Minoru Sugiura

(NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science)


  • Mechanism of β-Cryptoxanthin Accumulation in Citrus Fruits

Prof. Masaya Kato

(Shizuoka University)

Prof. Kato

Prof. Kato

Field Excursion

One-day excursion to visit citrus orchards, and packing house, in Shizuoka city and Mikkabi town is scheduled for November 14 (the fourth day).  The registration fee includes the expense for the excursion with lunch. We will take the bus for the excursion.  The bus is scheduled to leave at 9 am at Shimizu station, and return to the Shimizu station until 4 to 5 pm.
All delegates who join the excursion are kindly requested to meet at the east exit of the Shimizu station by 8:40.